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Economic Policy Economic Development

Domestic Affairs

Federal Assembly
Overview of upcoming and past federal plebiscites. (German and French only.)
» State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
» Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA
» Swiss Federal Customs Administration FCA

Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture
Overview of Switzerland's agricultural policy and the development of rural areas.

» economiesuisse
» swissmem
» Swiss Bankers Association
Guidelines, draft legislation, news about the Swiss banking community.
» europa forum Luzern
» Neue Zürcher Zeitung - NZZ
Selected news and issues from Switzerland, covering politics, economy and society.
» Weltwoche
» Finanz und Wirtschaft
» Bilanz

» top

Foreign Affairs

» Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
» Federal Department of Finance - FDF
Latest developments in international trade.

SwissCham, the Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers since 1935, promotes Swiss exports and a Swiss economic presence abroad through its global network of member chambers. SwissCham currently has a total of 46 members -
full members and
13 associate members.