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For the first time ever, SwissCham organized an SME Forum to mark its 75th Annual Meeting in at the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken.

138 people from the world of economics and politics gathered at the Forum to learn about how well-known companies such as Victorinox, Colasit AG, Nestlé, Willemin-Macodel SA and Stadler Rail entered new markets. They shared their experiences, and explained what needs to be considered when entering new markets. The Forum was moderated by Dr. Daniel Hügli, chief redactor of cash/tv. In his presentation, Gerold Bührer of economiesuisse explained the reasons for the economic and financial crises, and the lessons we can draw from it, as well as offering his thoughts on the future development of the situation. After the forum a lively networking aperitif took place, with visits and discussions at the individual chambers’ expositions.

The festive gala dinner held at the Salle de Versailles of the Victoria Jungfrau on Friday evening was a great opportunity for members of SwissCham and other SMEs to exchange their views and experiences of doing business abroad. The Swiss President, Doris Leuthard, also congratulated SwissCham on reaching its 75th anniversary and thanked members for the benefits they bring to Swiss industry.

A closed discussion amongst the members of SwissCham took place on the morning of May 8, 2010, and was expertly moderated by President Peter Silberschmidt and Georg Umbricht, Board Member of SwissCham. The general assembly followed lunch in the afternoon. The general assembly reviewed SwissCham's activities in 2009, and two new chambers were voted in as SwissCham members – the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Swiss Chamber of Commerce. This brought the total number of members to 56.

The SwissCham assembly thanked Bruno Lehmann, who has completed his second tenure on the SwissCham Board. The President thanked Bruno for his dedicated service throughout his tenure. President Peter Silberschmidt and Treasurer Jacqueline Keefer were voted in for their second term. As always, participants had ample opportunity to network with old and new colleagues, this time in the heart of Interlaken.

Networking lunch: Jules Kappeler, Euler Hermes, Alena Koukalova, Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Czech Republic, Jean-Daniel Pasche, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry
Audience at the KMU forum Interlaken 7th May 2010
Opening remarks, Peter Silberschmidt; President SwissCham
Thomas Schelling, former Vice President Nestlé
Gerold Bürer, President economiesuisse and Dr. Daniel Hügli, chief redactor, cash/tv
Exposition: Monika Gysin and Valérie Chuard,
Gala Dinner: Xiwei Zhu Marti, Roger Marti, Alfredo Theodor Wildhaber C.M.U. Wildhaber
Gala Dinner remarks by the President Peter Silberschmidt
Swiss President, Doris Leuthard addressing the members and guests during the Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner: in discussion Dr. Richerd Friedl, President Latcam, Susan Horvath, Managing Director SwissChinese Chamber of Commerce, Peter Silberschmidt, President SwissCham,  Swiss President  Doris Leuthard
General Assembly SwissCham

SwissCham, the Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers since 1935, promotes Swiss exports and a Swiss economic presence abroad through its global network of member chambers. SwissCham currently has a total of 40 members -
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